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Owners & Directors are working so hard. But it’s diffused energy, scattered in different directions and not delivering a true result on the effort.

It’s hard work – you shouldn’t be doing it alone, nor should you try. That’s why I created my signature program, Director’s Inner Circle & Owner’s HQ, to help overworked and overwhelmed school leaders create schools of excellence that impact thousands and thousands of children around the world every year.

Inside the Director’s Inner Circle & Owner’s HQ, you will learn the tools, blueprints, and strategies to jump off the “hamster wheel” of fighting fires, chronic overwhelm and time-starvation for good… so that you build massive momentum and sustain excellence in your school week after week, month after month, year after year.

“I am amazed sometimes when I open my mouth and a very professional, well thought out, strong instruction or advice comes out! Not a day has gone by that I am not thankful for Chanie’s help! It has been life changing for me!”

Missy Griffin, DirectorThe Growing Room Preschool

The Director’s Inner Circle & Owner’s HQ are the #1 community and training programs specifically designed for early childhood school leaders who are committed to building schools of excellence

Your energy and time go into making your staff, parents, and children feel great. You pour into them day in and day out.

And what you want is some recognition also

Maybe some reassurance that you are doing ok

Perhaps a community of other school leaders who can remind me, you aren’t crazy, we are also dealing with this and it’s OK.

Someone who can remind you,

You have skills

You have confidence

You have what it takes to do this

And they will be rooting for you!

“The community of directors has been life changing, knowing that there is always someone here to talk to, to reach out to, to ask advice or feedback. I'm truly never alone.”

Lisa Manges, DirectorCalifornia

The Director’s Inner Circle & Owner’s HQ are built on The Pyramid of Excellence; the 5 stages that every school will go through for the perpetuity of their school.

The Pyramid of Excellence is Chanie’s proprietary framework that shows Directors the path forward to build their Schools of Excellence. Knowing which stage they’re currently in and what they need to focus on RIGHT NOW to get the greatest return on their time, money, and energy.

Depending on the season your school is in, you’ll be in a different stage, and at each stage, you need to focus on specific systems, habits, and behaviors to get to the next stage. Your journey is unique to you and with the pyramid, you have a clear path that will guide you.

“Before joining the Inner Circle we had organized chaos- things always got done when they needed to but I had no real set schedule for how I spent 'my time' getthing things done.

I knew this was the next best step for me, but I was hesistant to join and use the budget towards my training instead of the staff- I took the leap and havent looked back!

What surprised me is how SIMPLE and EASY Chanie makes it to follow steps, take action and get things done!
The Inner Circle has provided me with a roadmap with specific direction to help me reach my personal destination."”

Brenda Gill, DirectorGillam Preschool & Child Centre in Gillam, Manitoba
The Pyramid of Excellence

The Director’s Inner Circle & Owner’s HQ provides the tools, resources, support and solutions you need to create real results.


“Am I even doing this right?”

You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.

You barely have time to make a coffee and eat lunch sitting down for 10 minutes.

Who has time to create systems, and processes and frameworks and checklists?

That’s why in the Inner Circle it’s done for you.

Our membership vault has over dozens of ready-made systems that you can plug and play for your school.

No more sitting late and night banging your head against the computer trying to figure out what to do at the next staff meeting.

No more, googling for hours or scrolling Pinterest trying to see a system to help teachers meet their deadlines.

I got you!

“I no longer overwhelmed or stressed. I’m excited and energized! I’m now working on the ‘big picture’ stuff and the daily managing operations is running so smoothly with everything implemented that I’ve learned from you over the last year.”

Jillian Farris, DirectorA Tiny Lab for Early Learning


“I want to be a better leader”

“I want my team to respect me and see me as a mentor”

“I wish I had better leadership skills so I can feel more confident”

If you have ever said these things or thought them in your head, you are not alone

No one really teaches early childhood leadership skills

It’s not something that is taught when you learn to become a teacher and really not common as you learn to become a director.

Leadership as the CEO of a company is different than being a leader of 30 female teachers who all come with their own stories and backgrounds and top it off with high levels of estrogen and emotions and girl drama and you have a recipe for a lot of mental exhaustion and fatigue.

“I must give credit and very big shout out to a woman who has dramatically helped me transform [my school] and myself, professionally and personally, in just a few months. The value, strategies, guidance and support I have received from Chanie Wilschanski and the Inner Circle have helped me in becoming the most effective leader who has created, maintained and continues to grow a healthy culture with the best team of teachers any director could wish for.”

Melissa Agnes Vasquez, DirectorNew Wonders Learning Center


You want a strong team

You want a team that gets a long with each other and also solves their own problems

You want staff that take personal responsibility and accountability

There is a path forward to get there.

It’s the communication systems that we teach in this directors inner circle

“My teachers started to come more often to me, they freely express their opinion, and ideas when they were typically silent beforehand. The biggest win for me is that this program has helped me build a strong team.”

Inna Izman, DirectorMazel Day School


Being around others who understand your struggles, can relate to your problems, and give you the encouragement to keep going and staying the course.

Let’s be real here for a second,

It’s lonely at the top, and you NEED camaraderie when you need to share, vent, or just want to celebrate an exciting win.

Community is biologically wired into our DNA. and the Director’s Inner Circle recognizes that and ensures you will have the support and create friendships.

“I know the importance of being immersed in this group, it grounds me and holds me accountable for what I want to achieve.”

Miken Oliver, Director

Hi, I’m Chanie Wilschanski, Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Creator of Schools of Excellence.

Chanie Wilschanski

I began my career in Early Childhood over a decade ago teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in New York City for 8 years before moving into higher studies and earning my Masters in EC and Special Education.

In 2015, I started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their schools. I’ve since worked with hundreds of EC Directors and School Owners to help them build a School of Excellence with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership and collaborative culture.

As a wife and mother of 4, my hands are full and I understand what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home.

It breaks my heart when I see so many dedicated school leaders sacrificing all of their time with their family and all of their self-care (what self-care?) to a school that feels like it’s constantly getting away from them.

Wherever you want to be in 3 or 6 months from now won't happen just by working harder.

It will only happen by focusing on the right thing, at the right time, in the right order and by surrounding yourself with other high-performing school owners and directors.

Inside The Director’s Inner Circle, you’ll gain access to a collective of smart school leaders who are all on the same journey with you. Leaders who will give you support, validation, and encouragement when the going gets tough. Leaders who will cheer you on and encourage you when you experience a win or ride a rough storm.

I've been working with directors to build Schools of Excellence for over 15 years.

As you build an amazing school for yourself, your teachers, and most importantly, the children, I will be there through it all as your guide, mentor, and the one to hold you accountable to the goals that you set.

Working with proven systems and models shortens the learning curve, meaning we can compress decades into months of learning and helps you avoid the costly pitfalls of trial and error. I’ve spent years building the Director’s Inner Circle; developing new training, new frameworks, and new scripts to help you build a school of excellence.

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“I can't tell you how much I am getting fromn the Inner Circle. I feel like a different person since I started in December. The content, delivery, group, everything has far exceeded all of my expectations and I had found value in everything you post. The format is incredibly effective as you hold us accountable and that is where I am finding the work and reflection being done on my part. Thank you!! I am so grateful I found you!"”

Jillian Farris, DirectorA Tiny Lab for Early Learning

Hear success stories from some of our members below. No matter how big or small, a win is a win!

Lisa Manges

Hearing how other EC Leaders have the same issues and doubts dramatically shifted Lisa’s mindset.

Taylor Hayes

The culture Taylor created within her school resulted in her teachers planning an incredible surprise.

Alexandra Shellhammer Bernath

Alex’s consistency and patience paid off and she started seeing a huge shift in culture and behaviour.

24/7 access to exclusive templates & training to help you motivate your staff and build a collaborative culture that positively impacts the lives of children.

Strategic Advisory Sessions

Chanie shows up live every week in the community to review some hot topics that are being brought up in order to give clarity and direction in your next steps.

Roundtable Discussions

Every month, Members can attend our roundtable discussions that bring training and co-working together.

The Director’s Members Vault

Below is a small taste of the 60+ resources, templates and workbooks available 24/7 inside The Director’s Vault including The Difficult Conversations Template, 6 Performance Keys Assessment, Time Mastery Roadmap, Parent Partnership Blueprint, The Four Parent Archetypes, Your School Website workbook and much more!

Membership Mentor Coaches

Our Mentor Coaches will address our community 2-3 times a year with information and coaching that is customized to our members’ needs. To ensure each Mentor Coaching session is laser-focused on the challenges at hand, members will be invited to submit their biggest challenges surrounding the topic that the mentor will cover prior to each call.

Inner Circle Mentors

  • Natalie Gingrich, the founder and host of The Ops Authority. With over 2 decades of experience in operations, Natalie’s goal is to bridge the gap and overwhelm when it comes to processes and systems, growing a team, and setting up solid business foundations. Natalie will be addressing questions related to hiring, onboarding, and operations in your schools, and,
  • Dr Sherry Walling, a clinical psychologist who works with leaders and entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges that go along with the pursuit of a life of leadership. Dr. Walling will be facilitating discussions related to the mental health challenges and needs of you and your team.

Additional Owner’s Only HQ Mentors 

  • Jen Lehner, a digital marketing and system strategist who works with authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs to create smart, automated, systems-based businesses. She is the founder of the Front Row VIP mastermind and Front Row CEO. Jen will be educating our members on marketing practices and social media strategizing.
  • Kathe Petchel, a former public school early childhood educator and industry expert on hiring and training staff, facilitating staff development and growing teams, onboarding and training as well as successfully mentoring programs looking to grow or sell. Kathe will be teaching members how to get their financials in order for the short-term and long-term stability of their center.
Natalie Gingrich - Mentor Coach

Natalie Gingrich

The Ops Authority

Dr. Sherry Walling - Mentor Coach

Dr. Sherry Walling

Clinical Psychologist

Jen Lehner - Mentor Coach

Jen Lehner

Digital Marketing & Systems

Kathe Petchel - Mentor Coach

Kathe Petchel

Business Development

Plus, all the support & accountability you need to create massive momentum is waiting inside The Director’s Inner Circle.

Private Facebook Community

The members-only community is a safe space where you ask all your questions without being afraid. You’ll receive all the support you need plus weekly steps so you get consistent results!

Accountability Coach

Our Head of Community & Accountability Coach will support you in moving along your customized journey in our program and hold you accountable for the success you want to see in your school.

Monthly Challenges

Dramatically improve key areas of your school with the added bonus of surprise gifts and REAL accountability as you master creative problem-solving, save time and improve relationships with teachers, staff and parents to name a few.

Support Calls

Each month members meet online to have their questions answered by Chanie who will share her screen, provide clear instructions and instant feedback on your situation.

By taking action and using the tools provided in the Inner Circle, you can expect results like these

“I have 100% retention even in this environment! We had to teach completely virtual and through the frameworks and systems that I've learned in this program. I have been able to retain all my staff.”

Deb Anaya, DirectorSan Francisco, California

“I no longer overwhelmed or stressed. I’m excited and energized! I’m now working on the ‘big picture’ stuff and the daily managing operations is running so smoothly with everything implemented that I’ve learned from you over the last year.”

Jillian FarrisA Tiny Lab for Early Learning

“This investment transformed the retention rate with my staff! I’m more proactive, and encourage and empower my staff, instead of trying to solve the issue for them. They love the ownership it gives them and are happier working with me!”

Barbara LabotkaCardinal Bernardin Early Childhood Center

The School of Excellence System
is a 90 Day Year Certified Partner

Created by Todd Herman, the 90 Day Year is a high-performance coaching system that has been scientifically tested and validated by an independent third-party at the ROI Institute. This proven framework is designed to build confidence and create rapid momentum to help you reach your goals fast! In fact…

  • Directors who took action and followed our frameworks have more time in their calendar, get home for dinner, and feel more confident after the first 90 days!
  • Within 6 months of joining the Director’s Inner Circle, many other directors have dramatically increased buy-in and created a culture that staff and parents love.

My biggest hesitation in joining was the financial investment, however I viewed it as an investment in myself so I can create a better schools and teachers.

Currently, I am more proactive. I am more engaged with my staff and encourage and empower them. I do not try to "solve" the issue for them but, I am asking questions to help them solve the issues for themselves. They love the ownership this gives them and without a doubt they are happier!

What surprised me was how quickly I am able to implement what I have learned and how much more confident I am in my leadership abilities.

Barbara Labotka, DirectorCardinal Bernardin Early Childhood Center
EC Summit of Excellence Workbook
90 Day Year Certified Partner

After just 12 months of using the frameworks and tools provided, members have seen a leadership metamorphosis with results like this…

“It’s August and unlike other school directors, I’m not feeling frazzled and overwhelmed to get the year started! Instead I feel in control because with Chanie’s help, I’ve set up the right systems & strategies and I’m ready!”

Rivka WinebergChabad of Long Island

“Before joining the Inner Circle things always got done when they needed to, but... I had no real set schedule for how I spent “my time” getting things done. The result? Feeling overwhelmed and out of control. That’s now a thing of the past!”

Brenda GillDirector, Gillam Preschool & Child Centre

“I am amazed sometimes when I open my mouth and a very professional, well thought out, strong instruction or advice comes out! Not a day has gone by that I am not thankful for Chanie’s help! It has been life changing for me!”

Missy GriffinDirector, The Growing Room Preschool

It’s time to stop exhausting yourself with never-ending micro-emergencies! Our data shows that Directors spend an average of 3 hours a day managing interruptions!

From putting out fires to speeding to the office supply store to pick up ink cartridges before it closes and missing dinner (again!) … and take charge of your to-do list, your staff, your students and parents in one fell swoop!

That’s 15 hours a week, 65 hours a month, 690 hours a year answering questions, managing interruptions, looking up from what you’re doing, pausing your train of thought, and putting out someone else’s fires. What could you do with an extra 15 hours a week and what does that time cost?

A director’s salary ranges from $40,000 – $100,000. Add onto that any benefits, health insurance, a company car, as well as your share of the office overheads like rent, electricity and heating, equipment and more, and the cost of your time is somewhere between $50-$75 per hour.

That means those 15 hours are costing you $1,125 a week and up to $52,750 a year!  That’s a huge amount of money to be saved simply by reducing interruptions! And that doesn’t even consider the amount of future revenue you lose by being overwhelmed, tired, and behind on work.

Ask yourself…

  • What is the cost of not surrounding yourself with this community?
  • What is the cost of not knowing how to retain your staff?
  • What is the cost of not coming home on time for the next three months?
  • What is the cost of missing your child’s game again?
  • What is the cost of not going on vacation for another 6 months?

How much could you save by improving retention?

A recent study showed that teachers leaving the profession costs the nation $2 billion each year. When you add in the cost of replacing teachers who move to other schools, it rises to $4.9 billion. That’s a cost to your school of $6,000 per teacher you have to replace! Just think….

  • How many teachers have left your school in the past 3 years?
  • How much could you have saved by retaining those teachers?
  • How much could you save next year, and the year after, by improving your staff retention

Sharon Hopson’s culture changed for the better in incredible ways when she joined the Director’s Inner Circle. One of her staff was head-hunted and offered $2 more per hour. The teacher stayed with Sharon, and even that one teacher staying in her school MORE than paid for Sharon’s investment in the Inner Circle.

The Director’s Inner Circle or Owner’s HQ is right for you if you…


Want to take charge of your school, your staff, and your time.


Are sick of the constant cycle of fighting fires, interruptions, late nights and overwhelm


Want to get back to the big vision you had when you started your EC career.


Are ready to put in the hard work needed to build a school of excellence.


Want to improve your confidence, step out of isolation and gain vital support.


And above all, create an incredible culture and school of excellence.

Are you ready to confidently lead your
school to excellence?

Apply for the Director’s Inner Circle or Owner's Only HQ today using the button below, and get off the hamster wheel of fighting fires, chronic overwhelm and time starvation for good!