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Boundaries to Prevent Over Planning this Holiday Season


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When it comes to the holidays, I think we’re all a little guilty of overcommitting ourselves without checking our calendars. After all, it’s hard to stay grounded in realism when you’re enveloped in the warmth and thrill of the holiday season.


Leaders, though, are especially susceptible to overcommitting. As natural visionaries and care-takers, we easily fall into the trap of thinking we can—and should—do it all.


But when you try to do it all, you end up overwhelmed and exhausted, unable to actually enjoy the holidays and all the opportunities they bring for memories, experiences, and traditions.


The truth, is that time is finite. This means when you say yes to one thing, you’re simultaneously saying no to a handful of others, whether they be events, quality time with family, or self-care—which is especially important during the holidays.


The answer to making the most of the holiday season lies in planning ahead and setting boundaries around your finite and valuable time.


When you do this,  you not only maintain your capacity to stay focused and attentive to the people around you, but also give yourself the space to enjoy the culture-building opportunity that the holiday season presents us.


This week’s podcast episode centers on how you can set boundaries that will prevent you from overcommitting yourself during the holiday season. 


Join me for a conversation about:


  • Planning ahead and prioritizing your non-negotiables
  • Maintaining a balance between your work and personal task loads
  • Keeping up with your self-care rituals (seriously, don’t even THINK about skipping them)
  • Setting expectations and communicating them to the people that matter
  • Practicing discernment during the holiday season


The holidays only come around once a year. By setting better boundaries, you’ll not only get to actually enjoy what you’ve put on the calendar, but also be present for your team, staff, and family when they need your leadership most.


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Overcommitting and overworking often go hand in hand. But just as you can take steps to prevent yourself from committing to too many plans, you can take actions that will allow you to achieve your goals while still making time for yourself and your family. 

Through our Ideal Week for High Achieving School Leaders workshop, you’ll learn how to clarify your priorities, set boundaries, and make a practical plan, so that you can finally make your ideal week a reality.


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