Summit Of Excellence

Building Legacy Through Values-Based Leadership

Lead your center from your core values so your leadership team will:

• Feel more confident to take action and make decisions
• Practice discernment with calm confidence during moments of ambiguity
• Build generational impact in your community

February 28–March 2, 2023

Live & in-person at Briza on the Bay in Miami, Florida

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At the Summit of Excellence, we will address the values-based leadership that’s required to design and build a school of excellence and leave a lasting legacy for your community.


We’ll expand and build upon what you have been learning in your Schools of Excellence membership about introducing and imbuing values into your center’s culture. Together, we’ll go deeper on this topic to help you inspire your leadership team, teachers, and admin staff to act in alignment with company values.

We’ll cover the 4 strategies you must have in place before you and your team can truly lead from a place of values:


Effectively communicate your center’s mission, purpose, history, values, and vision through this powerful tool that builds loyalty and trust.


Clearly exemplify your values in daily interactions and behaviors to role model excellence, showing your team how to make decisions for the betterment of the entire school community.


Create special, memorable moments to teach the center’s values and promote connection among your team.


Establish meaningful and sustainable traditions to recognize pivotal moments at your center and create a deeper sense of community.

These 4 strategies are challenging to develop and implement. You must be in the right environment to think through each one, ensuring they all reflect your values. We’ll guide you through this important work at this year’s event.

Value and experiences have the power to transform your center. Once these strategies are used consistently, values will start to drive every interaction. And the types of interactions happening at your center depend not only on how clearly defined your core values are, but how well they are adopted by your entire team.

When it comes to working with staff, parents, and students, you’re ready to trade every chaos, conflict, and anxiety for leadership, integrity, and calmness.

You can improve every interaction at your center when you and your team have the right values-based leadership training. Only then will your values start to guide day-to-day decision-making, create a culture of accountability, and improve communication, teamwork, and workflows—leading to more ease in operations, which has a positive ripple effect across your entire school community.

Bring your entire leadership team with you to help initiate this important work

To get a headstart on implementing values-based leadership at your center, you’ll want your entire leadership team with you at the Summit of Excellence.

I mean, let’s be honest: Do you want to spend your precious time explaining all the gold nuggets from the Summit or ask them to decipher your handwritten notes, hoping they can execute the action plan you created

Or, would you rather show your team how much you value them by investing in their professional development so they can experience this event firsthand and develop your center’s action plan alongside you?

Just think of how empowered your team will feel, plus all the time and energy you’ll save by having them with you. They’ll learn more about your center’s values and values-based decision making and, in turn, how to transmit them across every aspect of your school until your center becomes a beacon of light in your community.

Let’s face it, you delegate a lot to your staff. They manage and implement your center’s projects. The training they’ll receive alongside you at the 2023 Summit of Excellence will help them do their jobs better and become stronger ambassadors of your school and its values.

We are limiting this year’s Summit to 45 attendees total, so be sure to reserve your team’s seats early! After you reserve your seat, save 5% on each additional seat you reserve.

Bring your leadership team to the 2023 Summit of Excellence

Specially designed experiences to help values-based leaders learn & grow together

Over our two and a half days together, you won’t just sit back and consume ideas that stay dormant in a folder in your office. Instead, you’ll participate in live training led by Chanie, who will make you think while keeping things fun through:

1. Experiential storytelling
2. Play-based creative workshops
3. Role modeling exercises
4. Interactive mastermind groups with your peers

This event is highly experiential and interactive. You’ll participate in live workshops, unique and challenging experiences, and masterminds, with plenty of time for reflection, journaling, and planning.

After only two and a half days, you’ll walk away with an action plan you can execute right away. You’ll also develop an action plan that your leadership team can begin to execute as soon as you return home.

This year’s Summit of Excellence is more special than ever!

More curated than in years past

It’s only for current members of our OHQ and DIC programs. This ensures you’ll spend time with other owners and directors who are on similar school leadership journeys and ready to go deeper on the Schools of Excellence content.

Plus, we’re handpicking a small mastermind group for you to share ideas and challenges with during the event. You’ll get even more out of the experience because you’ll learn alongside the like-minded peers inside your mastermind and have ample time to further cultivate old and new relationships.

More intimate, as we’re limiting the group to 45 attendees total

This is less than half of our usual conference size, meaning you’ll find it easier to network and make stronger connections.

Two and a half days long

With more training and time to learn, you’ll experience more breakthroughs around values-based leadership.

Filled with opportunity

This year we’ve even included a special boat experience to give you a chance to challenge yourself, take a risk, and connect with fellow school leaders in a unique environment. Someone who helps you put on your life jacket on the boat in March may very well serve as a lifeline to you when you need support throughout the rest of the school year.

If you’ve reached this point and are still wondering if this year’s Summit of Excellence is right for you and your leadership team, here’s a new way to look at your role.

It’s time to think of yourself as the captain of your ship. YOU must lead the team to their destination and navigate the challenging, stormy sea.

As captain, you’re steering the ship. So you CANNOT go down to the boiler room or the starboard of the ship to see if they’re doing their jobs. You cannot check the kitchen to ensure the chefs are cooking meals for the guests.

If you leave your post, your ship will hit an iceberg—you must stay where you are and do what you need to do.

So, how do you trust that everyone is doing what they need to do? How do you stay at the wheel and lead the ship with the calm confidence of knowing that every leader on board is not only making decisions but doing what they need to do—and doing it well?

Everyone on the ship needs to understand its values and answer these questions:

– How do we operate here?
– How do we show up?
– How do we make decisions?

And they need to know how to proceed under all sorts of conditions, whether it’s raining, pouring, or a full out storm!

Remember: If you’re in business long enough, you will hit stormy seas. You will hit roadblocks. It’s inevitable.

What matters most is how you and your team handle the storm and who they become afterwards.

Most captains come out of the storm with very few people left. And whoever is left is burned out, tired, and overwhelmed because they just want it to be over.

Instead, you want to ride out the storm and then come out the other side with a more committed, loyal, calm, and happy team

You can get this tight-knit team—one who links arms with one another—when you have value-based leadership in place. This, along with routines and rituals, will anchor the team when the waves are so high it feels like you may capsize.

You’ll become a captain who leads their ship to the safety of the harbor without having to leave their post to check on their crew.

This is because you aren’t too busy to lead. You follow the compass and keep moving the ship forward because there is alignment with the ship’s values. People under you feel confident to make their own decisions.

You are the captain of your school, leading the way for your team. And it’s your turn to implement values-based leadership, routines, and rituals to cultivate a calm and confident team that is capable of weathering any storm.

Imagine worrying less about your center because you know…

• Your values show up across every aspect of your center: team meetings, school policies, parent communications, new family tours, school traditions, and more. 

• Your leadership team maintains open lines of communication that promote deeper relationships and make space for difficult conversations.

• Your entire leadership team, staff, and admin are clear on your center’s core values and use them as a decision-making filter.

• You can attract, hire, and retain staff who share your core values and seek to grow and evolve with your center.

• Your school’s rituals and routines ground the leadership team, create a greater sense of connection, and provide a shared sense of purpose.

• Your school consistently delivers higher quality early childhood education to serve your community.

…all so you can cultivate the next generation to become successful, thoughtful, and values-focused humans.

To do this important work, you need a self-sufficient, values-based team who make aligned decisions from a place of confidence and calmness.

These are the leaders who will create healthy, productive learning communities that truly impact the next generation of leaders.

Values-based leadership like this requires real collaboration, vulnerability, and insight between like-minded school leaders working towards the same set of goals and guided by the same values.

Values-based leadership can help build trust in our community and our world.

We have a responsibility to teach our children important values, model healthy behaviors, and help them anchor to key rituals for comfort and stability.

If you’re a parent like me, I know you remember when your children were very little. They were non-verbal, clingy, and reliant on you for everything.

You had to nurture and teach them basic skills and habits so they could become more independent and take care of themselves.

You taught them how to behave by modeling your values, teaching them to be honest and responsible, and showing them how to share. Teaching them these values impacted their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors and, in turn, how they show up in the world.

Through daily rituals and traditions, you showed them how to brush their teeth, tie their shoes, and get to school on time. These regular practices gave purpose and meaning to their lives.

Children learn best from values-focused role models and through taking consistent, regular actions.

Now, as a school leader, you must continue to be a role model for your students, lighting the way for the next generation and teaching them how to:

• Make aligned decisions, even during a storm.

• Form lasting relationships built on honesty & openness.

• Practice teamwork for the greater good of the center.

• Communicate effectively, even when things feel ambiguous.

• Navigate stress and uncertainty with calmness & integrity.

Living from our values—whether it’s at the center, or someplace else—creates an environment of trust, vulnerability, and understanding.

It creates an atmosphere of communal energy, collaboration, and connection, which ultimately leads to better team retention, increased enrollment in your center, more engaged parents, and better brand awareness.

“I feel extremely grateful to have had this opportunity, and I feel very empowered—as a woman, a leader, and as a person in my community. I can take direction now and upcoach myself.”
- Erin Owens, Indiana
“I wish this was a week-long event because there are so many nuggets that I can take from it. I’m eagerly anticipating the next one.”
- Kathy Gray, Virginia
“Being in this space is so important because, of course, you’re going to learn. And you’re also going to grow your community and your capacity to learn.”
- Aliya Roberts, Pennsylvania
“Chanie takes things one layer deeper and backs things up with some really insightful questions that make you think about why you do things a certain way or think a certain way.”
- Erin Owens, Indiana
“Each one of Chanie’s events tops the next. She brings each one to a new level. She’s not one to do the same thing every year. That’s what I love about it and one reason I do come back each year.”
- Sharon Hopson, Nebraska


Not only will you leave the event inspired, but you’ll also have the opportunity to practice your new skill sets in real time.

You and your team will leave Florida with new insights, abilities, tools, and frameworks relevant to the specific leadership challenges of your center.

This is because we emphasize hands-on experience and turning ideas into action.

We put a lot of thought into how the program is laid out (right down to the seating chart!) to ensure you are next to leaders in a similar stage of center growth, so you can build your network.

And we encourage you to bring your entire leadership team so you can learn, grow, and plan together.

“The value of being surrounded by a group of high-performing leaders is a sense of community and a bigger purpose. You get validation for the things you’ve done well and receive great insight and ideas for what you’re currently struggling with.”
- Sara Schreiner, Montana
“The SOE is different because it peels the layers back and you get to the root of a challenge or a belief system that you wouldn’t be able to at a ‘how-to’ seminar.”
- Katelyn Gerhart, North Carolina
“Chanie did so well with placing us with the perfect people. It was mind-blowing, because so many of them were of the same mindset with similar goals.”
- Erin Owens, Indiana
“Everyone here is high-performing, and it’s really uplifting to be with everyone. You get to learn from them and hear what they’ve done and what their challenges are.”
- Ryan Doberstein
“Chanie’s building the community we want and need as childcare owners and directors. She brings a lot of levity and fun alongside a lot of reflective, challenging work. Coupled together, this allows us to grow in a flexible and adaptive way that I don’t think you’d get anywhere else.”
- Alex Bernath, New York

Have questions about this event? We have answers!

Who should attend?

We believe that the skills you’ll be learning at this event are best practiced in a team format, rather than in isolation. These frameworks are best integrated into your workplace when your entire leadership team invests time into the process. Organizational buy-in brings these skills to life at your center.

We do offer a discount to any center bringing multiple team members to the event. After purchasing your first ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with a special code that will allow you to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate.

This is an intimate event, with a maximum of 45 attendees, so be sure to reserve your seat early.

When is the Summit of Excellence 2023?

The Summit of Excellence 2023 will be held from Tuesday, February 28–Thursday, March 2, 2023.

Where will the conference be held?

The event will be held at Briza on the Bay in Miami, Florida.

How much is the conference?

Your investment for this event is $2,500. However, if you reserve your seat by December 1, 2022, you can take advantage of Early Bird pricing and pay only $2,200. That’s a 12% savings!

Once you reserve your seat, you can save 5% on each additional seat for your team.

What is the event schedule?

To help you get in the right mindset for the important work we’ll be doing at the Summit of Excellence, this experience begins with a call approximately one month prior to the event. You’ll receive some reflective questions to think about after the call that will help prepare you for the work we’ll be doing together at the Summit.

Pre-Event Call
Wednesday, February 8 at 1:30–2:30pm EST

Here is the event schedule for Florida:

Day 1: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
6:30–9pm (Note: Evening cocktails)

Day 2: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
8am–6pm (Note: Special afternoon experience on a boat)

Day 3: Thursday, March 2, 2023 

I get sea sick—what can I do?

You know you best and how you handle boat rides. We highly encourage you to join us on this unique learning experience on the water, as it’s an important activity at this year’s Summit. So, to help you feel more comfortable and confident about the boat experience, here are a few sea sickness remedies you may wish to try:

– A pressure point wristband
– Antihistamines
– Scopolamine
– Anti-nausea gum

What should I wear?

The event is business casual. There will be multiple activities that will involve you standing, sitting, crossing your legs, and walking, so you’ll want to bring comfortable clothing and footwear.

You’ll also want to bring specific attire for two key activities: our cocktail hour in the evening on Tuesday, February 28 and our boat experience on Wednesday, March 1. If you participate in the latter, be sure to bring your warm weather attire and a bathing suit, if you plan to get in the water.

Are meals included?

Breakfast is included for three mornings, and lunch is included on Tuesday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 1. Meal options are available to meet your dietary requirements.

What is this year’s upgrade option and how much will it cost?

This year’s upgrade option includes 2 one-hour virtual Bonus Workshops in the months after the event to help you implement everything you brainstormed about and planned for with your team in Florida. This is not about more content and learning, but rather a uniquely curated immersive experience that will leave you grounded and better connected to yourself, your mission, and your community.

Bonus Workshop #1 (March 22, 2023 @ 1–2pm EST) will take place within one month of the event. We’ll revisit the rituals, routines, and traditions you identified at the Summit of Excellence. Together, we’ll look at your values-based action plan so you can bring it to life to create more meaning, connection, and purpose for your entire school community.

Bonus Workshop #2 (April 19, 2023 @ 1–2pm EST) will be scheduled approximately two months after the event. We’ll solidify how you’re modeling your center’s values and coaching your leadership team to execute on them.

We recommend that you attend the virtual workshops live so you can ask questions in real-time. However, if you’re unable to join live, you’ll receive recordings of both workshops, allowing you to view and refer back to the content as you need it.

Join us for these Bonus Workshops for $250 per team member.

How do I purchase a ticket?

To purchase your ticket, click here. Please submit one checkout page per attendee.

What if I want to bring my spouse or other team members?

You are welcome to bring multiple guests, including your leadership team or your spouse—especially if you and your spouse work on the business together. Bringing key members from your center will encourage conversations about company values and improve decision making after the Summit.

After you’ve purchased your initial ticket, you will receive a coupon code in your confirmation email to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate.

How will this conference be similar or different from Chanie’s past conferences?

The 2023 Summit of Excellence will deliver the same valuable content and frameworks you expect from our live events, but will be a more intimate experience. Unlike our past events, this one will be limited to 45 attendees.

Also, this year’s Summit is only for current members of our Owner’s Only HQ and Director’s Inner Circle programs. This means you’ll be surrounded by a specially curated group of leaders who were hand-picked by our team.

Which airport should I fly into & what is the best time to book my flights?

Please book your flights to land in the Miami International Airport (MIA). We do suggest that you arrive on Monday, February 27, if possible, as our event sessions begin promptly at 8am on Tuesday, February 28. This will also allow for any delays that may happen when traveling. Our event ends at 1pm on Thursday, March 2.

As always, please do some research on travel advisories for your local airport and the Miami International Airport. These do change often, so ensure that you do check a day or two before you fly.

How do I get to the venue from the airport?

The airport is 25 minutes away from the venue by car. You may take a rideshare service or a taxi to the venue or your local hotel. Another option is renting a car from the airport.

The area around the event venue is walkable, so a car is not required to access most of the surrounding amenities.

Do you have a hotel block?

We do not have a hotel block this year. You may choose a hotel in the area that meets your needs. The two hotels within the same building as the venue are:

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay – 1633 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132
DoubleTree Grand Biscayne Bay – 1717 N Bayshore Dr STE 209, Miami, FL 33132

Another option includes booking a private residence through Airbnb or VRBO type sites.

What if I have additional questions?

Please email so we can help you.

Now you might be thinking…

Is this event really worth taking time out of the office instead of keeping our boots on the ground?

Great question.

First, I encourage you to listen to this video from other leaders just like you who have attended our past Summits of Excellence.

Second, I KNOW it’s not easy to step away from the day-to-day operations of your center.

Here is what Sara Schreiner, owner of The Sunshine Academy and member of the Schools of Excellence’s CEO Legacy Mastermind, said about the value she sees in stepping away.

“One of the biggest limiting beliefs I’ve had to fight against is that investing in conferences like the Summit is selfish or lavish. Tickets to these kinds of events aren’t cheap, and when we look at what our team makes in a month, it can seem unfair. However, when I have sat down and looked at the return on investment of these events, it becomes evident that I cannot afford NOT to go.”

Here’s more from Sara:

“Every time I leave an event my productivity increases by at least 25-40% for a 3-6 month period. When I calculate the fiscal impact of this, it is around $20,000. In addition, it frees up more time for me to spend with my family, which is a top value for me.”

“The world is changing so rapidly, especially in our industry. If you are like me, you may not have immediate access to the newest or latest and greatest strategies, tools, and materials. I always leave conferences with at least 5 new tools in my belt that have kept my business at the forefront of the industry, which in turn has helped us maintain our reputation of excellence. Because of this we have a waiting list longer than ever, allowing us to pay out wages higher than ever before.”

“The networking changes EVERYTHING. I’ve never felt lonelier than as a leader in my company. No matter what you do, you will never make everyone happy; people will have opinions about what you did, didn’t do, should have done, and everything in between. You need a TRIBE of people that you can reach out to in order to escape loneliness.

So, why did I take the time to share Sara’s experiences with all of you? Because Sara has walked in your shoes.

And I’ve walked in your shoes, too. I know how hard it is to justify the expense of traveling for work (especially when it’s somewhere awesome like Florida 😉).

My business and personal lives have been so much better since I began placing value on connecting with others who are walking in the same shoes.

If you’re ready to connect, I can’t wait to see you in Florida.

You’ll learn from like-minded peers and learn new strategies to implement values-based leadership at your center.

You’ll walk away from the event with an action plan that will help your center become known for its values that drive every interaction across the school community to benefit students, parents, teachers, and the rest of the staff.

And over time, your center will leave a lasting legacy for the next generation and the community you serve.


If the answer is a resounding “Yes!!!!” then this event is definitely one you won’t want to miss.


At Schools of Excellence we understand that you spend the whole year working hard for the success of your center.

At the Summit, you get to be inspired and dream while someone else takes care of you and pours into your cup.

You can sit back.

You can relax your shoulders.

You can take a big deep breath.


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