Time Management Bundle

Seven strategies on how to take back your time and how to take control of your day


Learn How Directors
Earned 20 Hours Back

How Parents
Respect Your Time

Hold Staff Accountable
for Fewer Distractions

The Bundle Includes:

Tool #1

How to set up reminders to follow up and hold staff accountable

Setting goals and telling what to do is the easy part. Holding them accountable is the challenge! With this tool, we walk you through how to set it up to start creating accountability.

Tool #2

School of Excellence Door Sign

Want your staff to STOP disturbing you and interrupting you all day long? But, you want to do it, so they feel you are kind? Great! This door sign will solve that for you!

Tool #3

1-2-3 Framework to Get Your To-Do List Done

If you have an admin team and lots of moving projects, then this strategy is for you! It is a powerful framework to help you STOP micromanaging and meet deadlines. A win-win for all!

Tool #4

Distraction Proof Your Computer

When you finally sit down to get work done, you need a ninja trick so you don’t get distracted. This tool will ensure that you finish your work on time, so you can leave work on time.

Tool #5

Phone Script for Parents

Ever wonder why teachers avoid talking to parents? Well, they don’t know what to say, or how to say it, or what to respond. This script is a step-by-step walkthrough for them.

Tool #6

Scripts to Hold Parents Accountable

This script walks you through a step-by-step conversation with a Parent and how your teachers can manage the conversation and not feel pressured just because a parent asked a question.

Tool #7

How to Create a Form

Does your staff need supplies? Refill of materials for their classrooms? Do you get requests in the hallways and on the way to the bathroom? Put an end to that with this form system to ensure their needs get met, and you can pee in peace!


With Added Bonuses

How to Filter Distractions to Make the Best Decisions (mini-training)

Many times we get opportunities or ideas that we think are super valuable but really they are distractions for what we are trying to create in our school. There is a powerful system in filtering these distractions and becoming more disciplined.

This training will give you those tools.

Reflective Questions to Ask Teachers for Goals and Performance

We want our teachers to set better goals and strive for more in their classrooms. We ask questions, but we get blank stares. If we want our teachers to share, then we need to ask questions that invite conversation.

This worksheet will give you a blueprint of questions so your staff will start sharing more.

One-on-one coaching with Chanie has been helpful in so many ways. Chanie has helped us identify the reasons for some of the challenges we are experiencing, set goals to help fix or solve those problems and create benchmarks to help us reach those goals. Even though Chanie isn’t physically in my building she has guided me in becoming a better leader and in making instrumental changes in my role as Early Childhood Director. Her feedback and accountability has kept me on track and enabled me to achieve my goals!

Talia Levine

I've been part of the Inner Circle for a year and it's been transformative! Chanie provides amazing framework and systems to implement that streamline processes and create accountability which contribute to a better overall culture in the school.

Hannah WilliamsDirector, Georgia

Since joining the Inner Circle, I am more proactive. I am more engaged with my staff and encourage and empower them. I do not try to "solve" the issue for them, but I am asking questions to help them solve the issues for themselves. They love the ownership this gives them and without a doubt they are happier!
What surprised me was how quickly I am able to implement what I have learned and how much more confident I am in my leadership abilities.

Barbara LabotkaDirector, Cardinal Bernardin Early Childhood Center

I must give credit and a very big shout out to a woman who has dramatically helped me transform [my school] and myself, professionally and personally, in just a few months. The value, strategies, guidance and support I have received from Chanie Wilschanski and the Inner Circle have helped me in becoming the most effective leader who has created, maintained and continues to grow a healthy culture with the best team of teachers any director could wish for.

Melissa Agnes VasquezDirector, New Wonders Learning Center

I’ve seen a huge transformation in my culture since implementing what I’ve learned in the Director’s Inner Circle—teachers are solving their own problems!


The amount of feedback from parents has been extremely positive since i’ve implemented the tools in the inner circle. It’s helped me continue to build strong relationships and trust with each parent. So many wonderful comments from parents who have been here for a long time about how 'smoothly' things are going this year, which is great.

Alison PhilipsDirector

Since working with Chanie, I have developed a great culture of communication with almost all of our parents and have gotten really specific with my weekly check-ins with parents, which allows for more meaningful discussions.

Chrissy CarterDirector