Winning In The Dark

with Chanie Wilschanski & Schools of Excellence

In this new series of the Schools of Excellence podcast, Chanie Wilschanski talks about winning in the dark.

This 3-part podcast series explores the concept of “winning in the dark” and offers insightful strategies for school leaders to thrive amidst challenges.

It emphasizes internal validation, resilience, and legacy-building, empowering leaders to find fulfillment in their impact even when unnoticed.

Through discussions on worthiness, overcoming the comparison trap, and navigating shame, the series provides practical guidance for leaders to prioritize their values, cultivate resilience, and foster a positive organizational culture.

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Episode #179

Enoughness & Worthiness

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Episode #180


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Episode #181

Shame & Anger

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“I must give credit and a very big shout out to a woman who has dramatically helped me transform [my school] and myself, professionally and personally, in just a few months. The value, strategies, guidance, and support I have received from Chanie Wilschanski and the Inner Circle have helped me in becoming the most effective leader who has created, maintained, and continues to grow a healthy culture with the best team of teachers any director could wish for.”

Melissa Agnes Vasquez, Director, New Wonders Learning Center