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Winning in the Dark: Shame and Anger

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Recently, I was speaking with an owner who was opening a second location.

Despite this being an exciting time for her school, she was drowning in shame.

“Chanie, I keep starting and stopping, starting and stopping,” she told me.

I asked her what she meant.

She told me she felt ashamed that she couldn’t be consistent with her decisions. “I keep creating policies, implementing them, then getting pushback, and changing the policy again. I feel like I’m always backing out of my commitments.”

First of all, there’s wisdom in flexibility, and sometimes updating a policy is the right step.

But in this owner’s case, she needed to build her self-trust so she could banish the shame.

And she was taking the perfect next step by exposing her difficult emotions in a conversation with me.

Shame thrives in the dark, but it withers in the light.

When you share your shame with a trusted mentor or community, it doesn’t seem so insurmountable anymore. This is what it means to win in the dark when it comes to shame.

Join me in the podcast this week for a conversation about:

  • Why shame and anger are common emotions for school leaders
  • What promotes the growth of shame and anger, and conversely, what loosens their grip
  • What your anger is telling you and to what extent you should listen
  • How to win in the dark by finding constructive ways to proceed around your anger
  • Real-life examples of how school leaders have overcome shame and anger, and managed to cultivate community and collaboration


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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Don’t let shame thrive in the dark. Shine a light on it by joining a genuinely supportive community. You’ll loosen shame’s grip on your heart as you learning it’s safe to be vulnerable with like-minded school leaders who truly get it. Please apply for our Owner’s HQ and Director’s Inner Circle membership programs, where you’ll gain access to tools, resources, coaching, and community that will help you as you work toward building a school of excellence.

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