Effective Meeting Blueprint

Finally, a system to
PLAN, LEAD, and SUCCEED with EVERY meeting!


Do you…

  • Wonder how you can inspire your team during staff meetings?
  • Dream of getting everyone engaged and showing up on time?
  • Want to make time to personally meet with each teacher to discuss her goals?
  • Wonder how to translate these meetings into execution and hold your teachers accountable?
  • Wish that your teachers had crystal clear communication with everyone, knowing exactly what their responsibilities are every day with no misunderstandings?
  • Wish your veteran teachers could share a little more of their knowledge and expertise with everyone else on the team?

Here are some shocking statistics for you:

11 million meetings are held in the US each day

63% of meetings are conducted without a pre-planned agenda

Over 33% of people that join meetings found them to be unproductive

The most common complaints from teachers about meetings are:

  • No decision made
  • Poor preparation
  • Disorganized
  • Individuals dominating
  • Could have been communicated through email
  • Sidebar conversations
  • Stretched out longer than necessary

Effective Meetings are the ones…

Where teachers readily share ideas, and everyone offers input and strategizes together.
That is a delight to walk into and a pleasure to walk away from after.
Where teachers readily share ideas, and everyone offers input and strategizes together.

And best of all?

EVERYONE takes action

without you running around after them for days or weeks on end.

These are the kinds of meetings you NEED

If you want to continue to build your school.


I can help you do this,
and you don’t need to invest dozens of hours!

These strategies can be implemented at
tomorrow’s meeting!

Be very honest – have you been talking about following up with teachers one on one for years and still haven’t? Or only sometimes do? If so, it’s time to make a change.

I’d like to invite you to join:
Effective Meeting Blueprint

With the Effective Meeting Blueprint Mini-Course, you will learn:

The meeting archetypes and the formula that guarantees focus, execution, and results!
Design thinking – How to get everyone on your team thinking creatively.
Skills and the Strategies for each type of meeting.
How to make time for teacher observation, individual meetings and the framework for follow up and accountability.

I will help take your dream of follow-up and make it the hardcore reality of every meeting.
This is the program that will move you closer to your goals.
You won’t just learn how to run an effective meeting — you will become a better leader
This is about exercising a new skill of planning, execution, and accountability.
Once you learn this skill, you can apply it to every other part of your school and dramatically take your school to a whole new level!


Inside this mini course you will find 5 lessons:

Lesson 1: The Meeting Archetypes

  • 5 meeting Archetypes
  • 4 by 4 framework
  • 7 part checklist for planning
  • Agenda formula that guarantees focus, execution and results.

Lesson 2: Skills and Strategies

  • Skills and Strategy to execute on The Huddle.
  • Problem Solving meeting.
  • Team Building.

Lesson 3: Curriculum Planning & Brainstorming

  • How to reflect with your team?
  • Design Thinking – How to get everyone thinking Creatively?
  • Meeting framework for curriculum planning and brainstorming meetings.
  • Strategies to get everyone coming on time.
  • A tool for measuring progress.

Lesson 4: Individual Teacher Meetings (The Fireplace Chat)

  • How to make time in your calendar for individual teacher meetings?
  • How to structure school meetings?
  • How to follow up with each teacher?
  • How to hold them accountable for what you discussed?

Lesson 5: The Tactical Vault

  • Strategies and tips for making the meeting exciting, motivational, and getting everyone engaged.
  • Meeting Etiquette.
  • Environment.
  • Nourishment.
  • Problem-solving.


  • 5 meeting Archetypes
  • 4 by 4 framework
  • 7 part checklist for planning
  • Agenda formula that guarantees focus, execution and results!


  • Skills and Strategy to execute on The Huddle.
  • Problem Solving meeting.
  • Team Building.

Effective Meeting Blueprint will teach you:

How to run effective staff meetings with simple strategies
that build creativity, boost problem-solving skills,


allow for follow-up, powerful accountability, and results for each teacher.


You can have a collaborative team of teachers who work together


Hours and hours of back and forth conversation,
the frustration of barely moving the needle at the end of the meeting
and yet another incomplete meeting agenda.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t keep up with the course?

Don’t worry, this is an online course that you can take at your own pace from anywhere.

Will I be able to figure this out if I don’t know technology?

I designed the course with the least tech possible. Everything is really laid out for you on a silver platter.

There is no complicated software – just log-in and watch the videos at your own pace.

Should you have any difficulties – I have a team of people waiting to help you.

Will this really help me follow up with my team and hold them accountable?

Yes! Yes! The strategies that I have laid out work. I’ve tested it out with other schools and directors. Trust the system and execute on it. It will work.

Can’t I find all this information on Google?

Maybe; however, if you could find the answers, you would have found them already, and you would have implemented them in your school as well.

But have you?

What EMB will do for you is provide you with the road map you need to plan, lead, and succeed at every meeting.

It will provide you with the support you need to implement these strategies.

We all need support – and that is why the Discover ED Directors Lounge is one of the most supportive communities for progressive EC directors. Many of you are already part of it, and during the duration of this course – I’ll be supporting you through it.

What if I take the course and I don’t LOVE it?

I invite you to try these strategies in your school for your next meeting. All I ask is you try.


Try the huddle or design thinking methods, or even use the agenda guidelines and e­ectively prepare for your meeting. This will ensure action-taking.


I built this course over YEARS of sitting through hundreds of meetings and then studying how to make them more eff­ective. I’ve tested out these strategies and ideas, and as you can see from my many happy clients – they WORK!


This course isn’t just about having an e­ffective meeting (though you will have that). This course is about truly understanding how to reach your teacher in a way that will drive them to take action. It’s about you making behavioral changes and bringing that growth into your school. And if I can help you leverage this to make more of an impact in your school, reach more children, and connect deeper with your team, – that’s a job well done!


So my off­er is this – join the program and see for yourself! If you don’t love it and strategies aren’t working for your school – email me within 14 days and receive 100% of your money back.

Here’s What You Get:

5 recorded lessons packed with strategies, tips, and a framework for each meeting

Pdfs & templates for you to take action and use at every meeting

Support & accountability throughout the program in case you get stuck

Before trying out these new strategies from Effective Meeting Blueprint, we didn’t really have a system for personal teaching meeting, observation, and follow up.

Now, I started making meetings with my teachers twice a week. Tuesday for an hour and Thursdays for 90 minutes.

I learned about the strategies on a Monday morning, by the end of the week I had met with 3 of my teachers!

I was truly on a high - it was amazing for me and my teachers.

Another thing, I have always wanted to get into the classes and observe, so using the block and tackle method I created a slot in my calendar where I observe in classes.

I was hesitant at first about trying something new - but I LOVE it! My teachers are no longer strangers to me - I know what’s going on in their lives, and the teachers were thrilled!

Pearl Stroh