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School of Excellence

At Schools Of Excellence, we value personal responsibility and a growth mindset

I also know that micro wins build momentum – so we are committed to guiding our clients to celebrate their mistletoes along their journey to excellence.

Because we want to up-level who you are – we have a specific curation process so we elevate each other. That’s why the way to work with the School of Excellence is by application only.

Join a curated group of highly-driven directors who:

  •  Are done with making excuses and know the success of the school is in their capable hands
  • Want to keep learning the best, proven systems and frameworks to work more efficiently in their school
  • Want to be connected and surrounded by other like-minded leaders committed to excellence
  • Desire accountability that motivates them to take action and follow through to victory on their big goals

“Directors learn how to tackle their challenges, formulate tangible action plans, and regain a sense of calm in what many times can feel like an “overwhelming sea of stress.”
– Nicole Langdo


A group of School Leaders who want to learn the systems it takes to support of creating a team of excellence.

  • Design your business in a way that allows you to step back and dream bigger dreams.
  • Learn to delegate tasks and stop micro-managing.
  • Frameworks to inspire and elevate your directors to become leaders and take ownership of their centers.

“I’m the designer and creator of my school. My biggest shift is confidence. I have become better at communicating, I’m able to be clear and concise, and I’m able to let everyone know what I expect of them. I feel more assertive, and I don’t have to second guess what I’m saying. Before I started this program, I felt inadequate as a leader. I’m in this position because I have the skills to be in this position. I can show up, even if I do it scared.”
– Nicolene Santomartino


Leadership VIP day

A full day in your school with your leadership team, virtually or in-person

Well uncover your top 3 goals and results you want from the day and then I create a customized training that has action items for each leader to transform your school.

School of excellence on-demand training – what you saved your allowance for 🙂

“We had so many Aha moments as my administrative team realized the impact their mindset, covid, and their own mental health was having on how they were showing up for the teachers and parents. Watching my staff realize that even though things are going on in the world that they don’t have control over, they DO have control over how they choose to show up every day. Chanie challenged them on their mindset and excuses during the training and as an owner, I got a clear picture of where each of my leaders was stuck and what my role could be in supporting them and moving them forward to the next level. It’s been so impactful in helping our team have a better understanding of each other.

-Jennifer Bulmer

This training is a 5 Figure Investment. It is months of hand-holding, accountability, and check-ins to create transformation in your school.


PD for Staff: Own Your Development

It’s like having me come through an earpiece and guide you through any challenges.

A 3 Hour Staff training to identify where leadership gaps are present and how to close them effectively and enhance their growth mindset in the following areas:

  • The school culture is a combination of the winning habits of the entire team.
  • It’s like having me come through an earpiece and guide you through any challenges.
  • Where can you get more confidence from?
  • Develop a filtering system to make better decisions.
  • How to challenge yourself even further when you are already successful.
  • Identify where leadership gaps are present and how to close them
  • P. A. R. Framework for understanding the problem, how to take action, and developing a routine.

“It brought light to my staff regarding their self-awareness of themselves and their co-workers. We have been a great team but these challenges are going to make it better”

-Hanna Compton


Book Me to Speak

Looking for a keynote speaker for your event, or guest expert for your retreat?

My most popular talks include:

  • How to create a culture of innovation and risk-taking.
  • Empowering excellent educators.
  • Developing a strategic mindset: Creating a calendar that serves you (so you can stop putting out fires all day)
  • Creating a custom topic to meet your audience needs.

One-on-one coaching with Chanie has been helpful in so many ways. Chanie has helped us identify the reasons for some of the challenges we are experiencing, set goals to help fix or solve those problems and create benchmarks to help us reach those goals. Even though Chanie isn’t physically in my building she has guided me in becoming a better leader and in making instrumental changes in my role as Early Childhood Director. Her feedback and accountability has kept me on track and enabled me to achieve my goals!

Talia Levine

I've been part of the Inner Circle for a year and it's been transformative! Chanie provides amazing framework and systems to implement that streamline processes and create accountability which contribute to a better overall culture in the school.

Hannah WilliamsDirector, Georgia

Since joining the Inner Circle, I am more proactive. I am more engaged with my staff and encourage and empower them. I do not try to "solve" the issue for them, but I am asking questions to help them solve the issues for themselves. They love the ownership this gives them and without a doubt they are happier!
What surprised me was how quickly I am able to implement what I have learned and how much more confident I am in my leadership abilities.

Barbara LabotkaDirector, Cardinal Bernardin Early Childhood Center

I must give credit and a very big shout out to a woman who has dramatically helped me transform [my school] and myself, professionally and personally, in just a few months. The value, strategies, guidance and support I have received from Chanie Wilschanski and the Inner Circle have helped me in becoming the most effective leader who has created, maintained and continues to grow a healthy culture with the best team of teachers any director could wish for.

Melissa Agnes VasquezDirector, New Wonders Learning Center

I’ve seen a huge transformation in my culture since implementing what I’ve learned in the Director’s Inner Circle—teachers are solving their own problems!


The amount of feedback from parents has been extremely positive since i’ve implemented the tools in the inner circle. It’s helped me continue to build strong relationships and trust with each parent. So many wonderful comments from parents who have been here for a long time about how 'smoothly' things are going this year, which is great.

Alison PhilipsDirector

Since working with Chanie, I have developed a great culture of communication with almost all of our parents and have gotten really specific with my weekly check-ins with parents, which allows for more meaningful discussions.

Chrissy CarterDirector