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Navigating Conflicting Emotions Around Big Decisions

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Big decisions are tough.

I was speaking with one of my clients who was considering letting a director go.

There was a clear mismatch of values between the director and the school.

Everything the owner had tried to get the director on track had failed.

And yet if she fired the director, the owner would have to expand her workload. She would get stuck doing all the director’s tasks, even though she was already tired. Plus, she would have to go through the exhausting process of hiring a replacement.

It all sounded like too much.

While she knew there was a discrepancy in values, she was considering continuing to put up with it.

I invited her to journal about the situation.

On the left side of her page, I asked her to write “What do my fear and my ego say?”

On the right side of her page, I asked her to write, “What does my higher self say?”

She spent some time expressing her thoughts on paper.

It gave her the clarity she needed: it was vital that she let the director go.

After journaling, she had so much more clarity, assurance, poise, and ease around the decision and the challenging conversation to follow.

Journaling is one of the great strategies I use for managing the challenging—and often conflicting—emotions that come up when we have to make big decisions.

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss additional methods of navigating complex emotions while we’re in the decision-making process.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • How mindfulness can impact your ability to make wise decisions
  • A calendaring strategy that encourages decision breakthroughs
  • Why speedy decision-making doesn’t correlate to intelligence or wisdom
  • Ways to assess when you need to make the decision

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