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The Paradox of School Leadership

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After my fourth child was born I remember telling my husband, “That birth seemed easier than the others.”

My doula, who had been there for all four births, said, “The childbirth wasn’t easier this time, Chanie. What’s different is you. You’re smarter and stronger than you were before. You have a different mindset going into labor, and your body knows how to respond. You are better equipped to navigate the massive discomfort that comes with childbirth.”

So much of the time, we wish for things to be easier. But what if, instead, we embraced the discomfort? What if we leaned into the challenges facing us and learned from them? This is how we become discerning, wise, capable, resilient leaders in all aspects of our lives—including our career.

This week, I’m starting a five-part series on The Schools of Excellence Podcast about the paradoxes of leadership. As we develop our leadership skills, one of the things we discover is that the “problems” we thought we had to solve aren’t actually problems. They’re just uncomfortable paradoxes we have to coexist with.

In the first episode, I’ll discuss:

  • What I mean by paradoxes, and the five reasons why they exist
  • Which four paradoxes show up in childcare settings
  • How to approach paradoxes as an empowered leader​

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