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Veteran vs New Staff: Professional Development

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I was recently texting with a one-on-one client.

She had a decision to make about professional development, and she asked me what she should do.

It would have been easier for me to say, “Do XYZ.”

But I didn’t.

Instead, I wrote back, “You hired me to coach, mentor, and uplevel you. I want you to trust your decision-making ability. What do you believe should happen?”

She clearly thought I was overcomplicating things (and I don’t blame her!). She wrote back, “Chanie, I just want answers.”

She had decision fatigue. She was spinning too many plates to have the bandwidth to think critically about one more thing.

But I’m a mentor, not an answer dispenser.

No one knows her school better than her.

No one has more institutional knowledge of her center than her.

No one knows her staff better than her.

No one knows the answer better than her.

I told her, “I’m here to teach you to dig deep. The hardest things in life are where you’ll meet yourself. Find a quiet place and listen to your inner wisdom.”

It clicked.

A little bit later, she let me know she’d made a decision. 

She said, “Thanks for not letting me get away with what’s easy, instead of trying to figure out the why.”

Cheers to that!

Because here’s the thing: Now that she can sit with the discomfort of silence to make decisions, she can train her team to do the same.

Imagine how much surface-level, unnecessary professional development you could do without if everyone on your team developed self-trust.

Your new teachers could pinpoint specific areas of foundational learning to explore, while your veteran teachers could focus on advanced training opportunities and become mentors to the rest of your team.

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re discussing how to support both veteran and new staff in your school when it comes to professional development.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • Whether specific professional development opportunities are meeting the core needs of your school
  • Ways to empower your staff to evaluate their professional development gaps
  • Strategies for becoming a strategic and compassionate mentor to your staff
  • Secrets for unlocking your self-confidence when it comes to professional development decisions


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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