“I became the leader that I always dreamed of.
I’m confident in my decision making and proud of the relationships and culture
we’ve created.”

Chanie Wilschanski

I knew I needed something…

I was struggling with executing on my great ideas and following through with them. I really just needed better systems to operate in.

That’s why our programs and services are designed with this combination to help you truly get results.

At schools of excellence, we value personal
responsibility and a growth mindset.

I also know that micro wins build momentum – so we are committed to guiding our clients
to celebrate their mistletoes along their journey to excellence

Because we want to up-level who you are – we have a specific curation process so that we elevate each other.
That’s why the only way to work with me is by application only.


Director's Inner Circle

Join a curated group of highly driven directors who:

  • Are done with making excuses and know the success of the school is in their capable hands
  • Want to keep learning the best, proven systems and frameworks to work more efficiently in their school
  • Want to be connected and surrounded by other like-minded leaders committed to excellence
  • Desire accountability that motivates them to take action and follow through to victory on their big goals

Directors learn how to tackle their challenges, formulate tangible action plans, and regain a sense of calm in what many times can feel like an “overwhelming sea of stress.”

Nicole Langdo

Owners Only HQ

Join School Leaders who will learn the systems it takes to create a team of excellence.

  • Design your business in a way that allows you to step back and dream bigger dreams
  • Delegate so you don’t micromanage anymore
  • Frameworks to inspire and elevate your directors to become leaders and take ownership of their centers.

We take into account your personal strengths, challenges, values, and motivations so you are truly building a school of excellence that makes sense for you.


Leadership VIP day

A full day in your school with your leadership team, virtually or in-person

Well uncover your top 3 goals and results you want from the day and then I create a customized training that has action items for each leader to transform your school.

School of excellence on-demand training – what you saved your allowance for 🙂

This is 5 Figure Investment, it’s man-months of hand-holding, accountability, and check-ins that create the transformation in your school.

“We had so many Aha moments as my administrative team realized the impact their mindset, covid, and their own mental health was having on how they were showing up for the teachers and parents. Watching my staff realize that even though things are going on in the world that they don’t have control over, they DO have control over how they choose to show up every day. Chanie challenged them on their mindset and excuses during the training and as an owner, I got a clear picture of where each of my leaders was stuck and what my role could be in supporting them and moving them forward to the next level. It’s been so impactful in helping our team have a better understanding of each other."

Jennifer Bulmer
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1:1 Private Coaching


It’s like having me come through an earpiece in your ear, to script through any difficult challenges.

For leaders who:

  • Want to dramatically accelerate your results in your school
  • Want access to all the materials from the Inner Circle but also want my counsel on a more high-touch, private basis
  • Want end-to-end, personalized help with situations as they arise: an upcoming staff meeting; a difficult parent conference; teacher issues…

I can develop scripts, blueprints, and customized frameworks to help you.

“Thank you Chanie for your continued push to elevate me as a leader, but most of all I appreciate your no nonsense, approach to leadership. This helps me make sure messages are clear, concise, kind with empathy but not muddled with emotions that cause additional fishing or drama-now that I can get behind!”

Kerstin Brinson
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Book Chanie To Speak

Looking for a Keynote Speaker for your next event,
or guest expert for your retreat?

My most popular talks include:

  • How To Create A Culture Of Innovation And Risk-Taking
  • Empowering Excellent Educators
  • Developing a Strategic Mindset
  • Creating A Calendar That Serves You
    (So You Can Stop Putting Out Fires All Day)

I can create a custom topic to fit your audience’s needs.