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3 Ways to Transform Morale during this season


Ready to roll back emotional exhaustion and recharge your workplace?

Employee morale doesn’t simply translate into how happy your people are; it’s a direct reflection of how healthy your school culture is, how well you and other leaders are communicating with teams, and how effective your managers are. High morale only occurs when employees feel taken care of by their school. And because this year has been filled with stressful distractions, ensuring your people are getting the support they need to bring their best selves to work each day is more important than ever.

While meeting struggles, overwhelm and self-sabotage is part of life, how quickly you bounce back will determine how successful you (and your team) become. The confidence exuded by your team is a direct reflection of how confident you are as their leader.

Whether your culture is doing incredible and the morale is super high, or if your school is struggling with morale and you really wish to turn things around, this episode is for you!

In episode thirteen of the Schools of Excellence Podcast, I am sharing tips on:

  • How to work around your mindset and develop mental toughness as the number one driver of performance.
  • The strategies that raise and transform morale
  • The characteristics of the people that always win and some of the skills you should learn from them
  • Differentiating urgency from stress, and thinking big but celebrating small.

When your employees feel supported and encouraged to do their best work, they can do so with confidence. Take these tips and take the right course of action to keep employee morale high – all year long.

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Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Download the Template for How to Lead Difficult Conversations Here

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  • The world has been shaken by a pandemic. The effects are being felt in our lives every day.
  • How do you lead your teachers during a season like this?
  • How do you support children and parents?
  • How do you make strategic decisions about your school in a season of unknowns?

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