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5 Layers to Building a Culture of Retention: Contribution


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One of our core needs as human beings is a sense of service which prompts us to help and support others. Put differently, we have an innate need to want to contribute in a meaningful way.


Yet the pattern I see in a lot of centers is that their culture is built around obligation rather than contribution.


In a culture of obligation, people see obstacles as burdens, changing demands as reasons to give up, and unclear directions as an excuse to wait to be told what to do. It’s a type of environment where people are there because they feel they have to be.


On the other hand, in a culture of contribution, people view obstacles as situations to step up, changing demands as chances to collaborate, and unclear directions as opportunities to become a leader. 


In this culture, people aren’t there because they feel they have to be—they’re there because they want to be. They stick around because they want to contribute to something greater than themselves.


But that sort of environment isn’t created out of nothing. It takes careful reflection on your part as a leader to cultivate a space where your team and staff want to show up in meaningful ways.


In this week’s podcast episode, I’m continuing our multipart series on building a culture of retention within your center. 


This time, I’ll be focusing on contribution and how cultivating this type of environment can create long-term benefits for your center. 


Join me for a conversation about:


  • The difference between a culture of contribution and a culture of obligation
  • Contribution and why it has a place among the 6 core human needs
  • Why few people have contribution as part of their retention strategy
  • 7 questions to consider when cultivating a culture of contribution in your center


This episode requires a lot of reflection, so you may want to listen more than once or save it for a moment when you can sit down and focus. But rest assured that the effort you dedicate to self-reflection now will help you immensely as you start to make changes within your center.


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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