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From Loss to Legacy


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In our society, conversations about grief are largely dominated by death and the experience of losing someone we love.


But death is far from the only time we deal with loss.


Anytime we go through periods of transition in our lives, we experience grief triggered by the loss of how things used to be. For leaders in early childhood education, these transitions happen on an almost daily basis.


Closing locations, letting go of teachers, saying goodbye to families, and even delegating responsibilities are losses that can create a sense of longing for the way things were.


And if you don’t take active steps to move through that grief, you can end up stuck in old patterns that prevent you from growing as an individual and as a leader.


That’s why in this week’s podcast episode, I’m opening up a conversation about how to navigate loss and use it as a springboard for legacy. 


Join me for a conversation about:


  • Widening our definition of grief
  • Common forms of grief that leaders experience
  • What can happen if you don’t take the time to process your grief
  • Steps for how to move through grief in a productive way


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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