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Guest: Sally Haughey, Founder of FairyDust Teaching


In today’s episode, I speak with a close friend and guest expert, Sally Haughey, CEO and Founder of FairyDust Teaching. FairyDust started in 2010 as a space for Sally, an early childhood educator to blog out her thoughts and ideas. She was in a highly academic setting and still wanted to bring in the wonder to her classroom.

From there it expanded and grew. FairyDust Teaching has cultivated a community from over 101 countries. Sally has authored several books, including The Wonder Art Workshop and Through the Child’s Eyes.

She has been producing dynamic Play conferences/summits since 2014, has offered hundreds of PD hours through online professional development courses, the Wunder-Led certification program, and the Wonder League membership program.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • In this episode, we speak about:
    • Sally’s childhood experiences with wonder and play
    • How Sally’s personal pathways have helped her to harness her own inner wisdom.
    • Sally’s early days as a teacher, and how she was hunting for answers that actually didn’t exist.
    • The values, the principles, and the character that continues to guide Sally’s pursuit in building FairyDust Teaching.
    • Her core message to you who is listening today.

    … and so much more!



Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Join The Free to Play Summit on July 12-16 at

The Free to Play Summit has gathered 25+ of the best and brightest experts in early childhood education from six continents. Each will share their observations, insights, and ideas, and together engage this moment to create a better world for young children, their caretakers, and their teachers.

The conference offers strategies and tools for both early years educators and parents of children up to 5 years of age. It will be online live from July 12th through July 16th.

The Free to Play Summit, which is THE place to confidently own your personal approach to play-based learning in your classroom.


My friend Sally Haughey, founder of Fairy Dust Teaching and creator of the Play-Activated Learning® model, has created an incredible 5-day guided journey that is 100% online and available worldwide. You’ll get 26 hours of online learning, absolutely free.


Fairy Dust Teaching has been hosting this incredible event for years (this is the “original” that has inspired countless others to host their own summits!).


Even better, this summit has been designed to give you something more – your OWN map to play.


Over 5 days, you’ll listen in on conversations with a curated global panel of educators and experts — not to replicate their approach, but to truly discover your own.


Piece by piece, day by day, the summit will help you borrow new insights and the latest research, then combine them with your own ideas — so you can construct your bespoke map for teaching through play, your way.


As you build your map, you’ll identify the personal values, ideals, and principles that will guide your practice.


With your FREE access to the summit, you’ll receive the full “make your own map” experience. 

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The Summit kicks off July 12, 2021, and runs for 5 days entirely online. You will have 24 hours to access each day’s sessions.


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