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How to Coach Staff to Navigate Conflict: Part 1


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We spend so much time talking about how to discipline children and how to work on child behaviors, yet there’s very little training on how adults need to be self-disciplined.

Just because you’re a grown-up, it doesn’t mean you enter adulthood knowing how to be self-disciplined and regulate your emotions.

This episode is part one of a two-part series on how to coach your staff to navigate conflict.

Because when they avoid the slightest disagreement, they’re compromising their true feelings, and they’re storing up frustration that can end up negatively affecting their health.

If you are building sustainability within your organization, you can’t avoid conflict, because it seeps into the culture.

I want you to tune into this episode with an open mind, and understand that just dealing with conflict is a very reactive approach.

And just like with anything that’s important, we want to take a proactive measure in creating a culture where conflict is managed.

In a nutshell, I speak about:

  • Powerful insight and data into the impact of conflict on organizations.
  • Understanding where the root of conflict comes from.
  • Why so many staff struggle with navigating conflict.

… and so much more!


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Scripts Workbook on how to navigate conflict with leaders, staff, and parents:

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The Summit of Excellence is a two-day in-person experience on March 1-2, 2022 in Boca, Florida. Learn how to master interpersonal dynamics, foster kindness, and establish your school as a beacon of light in your community.

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