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The Paradox of Self Reliance and Community


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This episode is from a live training where I share with you an interesting topic of the paradox of self-reliance and community.

Full schedules are not full lives.

As leaders, we have to recognize that no one is coming to check on us or manage our workload.

When we are stuck in our stories, our minds are trying to protect us and the ego wants to make our story unique to us; nobody has this level of difficulty. 

We need to lean on a community and realize that we are not alone, but we also need to know how to rely on ourselves. 

Schools that stand the test of time are those that can evolve and reinvent themselves, and self-reliance and community are integral pieces to the long-term sustainability of your school.


Tune in to learn more about:

  • Thinking independently and embracing your individuality
  • Why self-reliance and community are integral pieces to the sustainability of your school
  • How to create a community of self-reliance with your team 
  • Coaching the concept of self-reliance and building community 
  • Difference between being needy and asking for support

…and so much more!


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