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The 3 M’s that Create Stability and Security for your Team


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Being a leader is hard. It requires you to exercise new skills, make tough decisions, and have difficult conversations on a daily basis.

Periods of transition can be especially difficult. Whether it’s starting a new school year, training new teachers, or implementing a new routine, some days can feel—quite literally—painful.

And in these times of great discomfort, it’s not easy to remain consistent in working toward your goals. Exhaustion sets in, motivation wanes, and you find yourself questioning if all this effort is really worth it.

But there’s some good news and it’s important to keep in mind.

It’s all temporary.

“Nothing lasts forever” may be a cliché, but it’s valuable wisdom that growth-minded leaders know to be true. They know at their core that the discomfort and pain that come with learning a new skill or making a difficult decision are temporary.

That said, developing this growth mindset takes a lot of practice and guidance.

This episode was recorded during a Live event where I talk with you about what I call the 3 M’s: Maintenance, Motivation, and Mindset. These three factors are not only essential to your success as a leader, but also the stability and security of your team.

By mastering the 3 M’s, you’ll never have to worry about being thrown completely off course. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you’ll be able to weather the storm and lead your team to safety.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • Focusing on maintenance and a growth mindset to reach your goals
  • Setting very specific goals
  • Dealing with waning motivation
  • Maintaining the right anchors and habits to stay focused and consistent 
  • Understanding your mental capacity and timing (also, finding out if your timing is off) 
  • Ensuring your “why” is big enough



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