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Strategic Mapping for the School Year


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There’s only so much time in the year, and most of it is already accounted for. After you add up necessary activities like eating, sleeping, and showering, you’re left with just 2,400 hours—that’s 2,400 hours that must cover everything from work projects to family time to enjoying life’s small pleasures.

So, you have to ask yourself: What are you going to do with those 2,400 hours?

To make the most of the limited hours you have and prioritize what matters most, you need to plan out how you’re going to spend your time—just like a budget.

In the same way you budget your finances, you can learn to budget your time so that every hour you spend is intentional and surprises are few and far between.

Take flu season, for example. Despite the fact that it happens each and every year, many of us are still taken by surprise and forced to dip into our margin time to make up for it. 

And that makes us feel as if we don’t have enough time and energy to focus on the things that actually move us forward, like legacy projects and one-on-one time with teachers.

Learning to budget your time is a game changer, and it’s a topic I cover often in our membership programs, Owner’s Only HQ and Director’s Inner Circle

That’s why for this week’s podcast, I’ve chosen to share a recording from one of our live calls with members. During the call, I walked them through how to strategically plan for the upcoming school year.

You’ll hear us talk about concepts like:

  • Tracking how you spend your time
  • Taking inventory of your commitments in and outside of school
  • Choosing what to prioritize and what to delegate
  • Mapping out the school year on your calendar

My hope is that by sharing this call with you, you’ll not only pick up some valuable strategic planning tools, but also get a glimpse into what our membership programs look like in action.

Through calls just like these, we provide owners and directors with exclusive training and coaching, as well as a powerful community of support, that guide them through every stage of growth and development as they build and sustain schools of excellence.

If after listening to the podcast, you’re interested in getting this kind of support, I encourage you to apply to our Owner’s Only HQ and Director’s Inner Circle programs.

I’m confident this episode will offer you new insights, a fresh perspective on planning, and the confidence to head into the new school year knowing that you’ve got everything under control. 


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

While strategic planning is a valuable strategy, it’s just one of many tools you can learn to implement that will elevate your capacity and skills as a leader. For additional resources related to having difficult conversations, managing to-do lists, dealing with parent-teacher conferences, and more, check out our School Leadership Toolkit or our Ultimate Teacher Training Vault.

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