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Creating a Culture of Growth & Gratitude with Ashriel Huber


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It’s easy to feel pulled down by the difficult happenings at your center.

This was the case for Ashriel Huber, second-generation legacy owner of A Child’s Touch in Colorado.

Her desire to make the previous owner proud, coupled with the stress of taking over a large center with many moving parts, led to dysregulation, impostor syndrome, and a sense that she could never give enough to move the needle.

When I met Ashriel at a conference, she felt stuck. She confided that she’d lost key members of administration, and lacked the processes and procedures that would calm the chaos.

More troubling, she felt as if she’d given her life to the center, staying late night after night to try and get ahead. She needed to gain the trust of her employees, and working hard seemed the best way to accomplish that.

After listening to her story, I grabbed a napkin and walked her through the Pyramid of Excellence. 

In her own words, that conference marked a turning point in how she thought about her role as owner. She joined the Schools of Excellence Owner’s HQ membership program and began working to shift her limiting beliefs.

With the support of other owners, she’s learning to build emotional resilience, allowing her to stay the course when challenges arise. Instead of living at the center, she’s dedicated several mornings to staying home and attending coaching calls.

Most importantly, she found connections with other leaders, which allowed her to form a community of peers. Instead of feeling isolated and alone, she could share her ideas, gain feedback, and take concrete steps forward.

Members of Ashriel’s staff have noticed a shift. They’ve commented on her growing confidence, and the atmosphere at the center is beginning to transition. Now she has the tools to separate caring for the individual from being a leader who expects people to do their jobs.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re struggling with impostor syndrome, or if the stressors of your center sometimes feel too daunting, I encourage you to listen to Ashriel’s story. You’ll hear more about her journey and how the membership helped her gain confidence in her role as a leader.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • The struggles Ashriel faced before joining the membership
  • What she learned by being surrounded by other like-minded owners
  • How her center looks now that she’s a more confident leader
  • What’s next for her and her center


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If you see yourself in Ashriel, I encourage you to apply for membership today. Our Director’s Inner Circle and Owner’s HQ membership programs give you the space and community you need to step into a true leadership role at your center. Plus, as a member, you’ll also gain access to tools, resources, and coaching that can help you along the way.

If you and your leadership team need more personalized support, you can inquire about a Leadership VIP Day. You’ll get a full day of on-demand, in-school training with me, plus months of accountability check-ins to help you shift the culture at your center.

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