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Fighting Flu Season – How a Proactive Insurance Policy Makes a Difference


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Every year, flu season seems to come as a surprise.

We know it’s coming. And yet, it always seems to catch us unaware, putting us into all kinds of highly stressful situations. 

Like having to find a sub for your subs’ sub.

Seriously. I was dropping off one of my kids at school one day, and I didn’t recognize one of the teachers. When I asked her who she was, she said “Oh, I’m subbing for Rachel.”

Who’s Rachel?

Well, as it turns out, Rachel was subbing for Britney… who was subbing for Sheera, who was subbing for Maria—the original teacher.

When I say I’ve seen it all, I mean I’ve seen it all. 

While this particular comically chaotic situation may have never happened to you, I know that as a center leader, flu season has left you scrambling to cope with crises like staff shortages, schedule interruptions, and many other impacts that hit the school. 

And it happens every. Single. Year.

So how do you prevent flu season from throwing an annual wrench into all your plans?

A strong, center-oriented insurance policy may give you the tools you need. Simliar to a flood insurance policy you go out and buy, this is something you hope to never use, but that’s there to protect you if needed.

This kind of proactive insurance policy allows you to prepare for understaffing without overburdening your staff. It gives you an efficient, flexible way of managing absences while also improving your staff’s overall wellbeing.

This week’s podcast episode is one I’ve wanted to record for years. In it, we’re discussing proactive approaches to the dreaded flu season.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • How to appropriately prepare for flu season
  • What an insurance policy for flu season looks like
  • The impact this season has on schools
  • How to communicate preparations and alleviate concerns


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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