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From Chanie’s Desk

I am so grateful to see so many school leaders continue to hard work of what it takes to SHOW up as a leader during this season. Many of you joined us for the Simplify Your School Series and I know I’ve had conversations with so many of you and you are digging deep to make your schools and staff and families come together for a greater mission.

Every month there is so much that goes on in the Schools of Excellence membership from:

    • Support Calls
    • Collaboration
    • Hot Seat Calls
    • New Ideas
    • Checklists
    • Scripts
    • Resource Guides

There is one thing that always remains the same every month in the membership and that is the community, accountability, and high-level coaching that happens.

Here is a quick recap of what happened in the Schools of Excellence in September and hopefully this can inspire and motivate you to show you what is possible.


PS. I announced the Summit 2021 dates January 26-28 happening in my house in Florida, if you want more details please email

“My confidence level has reached a much better place! I have had the support I need to get my center out of survival!”

Chrissy CarterDirector

Monthly Leadership Check-Up Form 

To ensure everyone in the community is always taken care of, our team sends monthly leadership check-up forms to see where our members are holding. Chanie reads each of them to ensure that all support calls cover topics that leaders are struggling with in order to give the most up to date support.

These monthly leadership check-in forms allow the member to share their wins and roadblocks so that our team can keep track of personal progress to give each member specialized attention.

Membership Wins

“We have developed a great culture of communication with almost of all our parents. I have gotten really specific with my weekly check ins with parents, which allows for more meaningful discussions.”

Chrissy CarterDirector

“After sending out a recorded back to school night, the amount of feedback from parents has been extremely positive. continuing to build strong relationships with each parent, building trust. so many wonderful comments from parents who have been here for a long time about how 'smoothly' things are going this year, which is great.”

Alison PhillipsDirector


Support Calls

Here are the themes that we discussed on our Monthly Support Calls, available to Members only.

Each month we have an hour-long support call where our members can come ask questions and get support from other members and Chanie.

During this ever-changing time, it is more important than ever to have a support system of leaders who are in the same position as you.

Chanie guides members on how to deal with difficult conversations and situations with staff and how to create a cohesive team that is accountable and responsible. Other members also share what has worked for them in the past.

This month we spoke about:


  • Sharing feedback with teachers
  • Setting clear standards
  • How to coach two co-teachers who don’t get along
  • How to delegate roles in your team


  • How to improve the focus of our development team
  • How to deal with a sudden change in culture
  • How to think outside of survival mode and move into growth mode

“I gain so much from our support calls! I watch as many lives as I can!”

-Amy CollumDirector

Hot Seats and Leadership Calls

Each month, Chanie does Leadership and Hot Seat Calls with selected members.

This month, Chanie had two hot seat calls:

Chanie coached a member through how to define what she really wants out of owning and directing her school.

Chanie coached another member about leading a conversation with freedom and responsibility.


In the Leadership calls, Chanie coached a member and her team on what it means to be a coach and mentor to your team.

Together they discussed:

  • Why is coaching an important part of leading a school
  • Why therapy and coaching can seem the same but they are different
  • Why emotions can be heavier than 500 pounds weights
  • Where can we make more time for reflection
  • Why do people struggle with sharing what they are proud of
  • Rephrasing a win to proud of
  • Why woman struggle to share what they are good at and how that effects our culture

This is a must-listen for anyone with a team. 

This is great! How do I book one?!

Kathy GrayOwner

Guest Mentor This Month:

Our guest mentor this month Dr. Sherry Walling, a clinical psychologist who works with leaders and entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges that go along with the pursuit of a life of leadership.

Dr. Sherry spoke about what burnout is, how to navigate it, where it comes from, and how to undo the effects you may be experiencing.

She covered:

  • How to address others disapproval about a decision you made.
  • How to navigate the internal guilt you may have.
  • How to show compassion for people who are negatively affected by your decision, while avoiding compassion fatigue.
  • How to avoid burnout, and if you’re already burnt out- how to deal with it.

“We received our quarterly profitability results and my center KILLED it! Our goal was 10% and we hit 14%. Big win for my center and team.”

Amy CollumDirector

“I have gained confidence while speaking to parents. I never spoke to parents before my change of the director.”

Arvinder SodhiOwner

“Parents have come back to care for the 1st time since March and they are impressed by the standards we have in place and feel their children are safe.”

Jennifer BulmerOwner


Monthly Playbook

Each month we release a monthly playbook based on a theme. Each playbook will have:

  • An Action Step
  • A Checklist
  • Educational Content related to the theme
    • Video
    • Step by Step Instructions

October’s playbook included Director and Teacher Development Plans.

The Development Plan was created to help our members assess their team and develop each one’s weaknesses.

In the Development Plan, Chanie gives in-depth training on the 5 stages of development.

The first step begins with using the Four Forces- a tool that Chanie created to help ensure owners are targeting the right training-area for each of their directors, and directors are targeting the right training areas for their teaches.

The second step includes a training video that has the five phases of development which include:

  • How to use the 4 Forces Assessment
  • How to Encourage Active Learning
  • Observation of the Progress
  • Coaching and Support
  • Reflection and Feedback

The third step is where we ask the members to declare their commitment to the journey of creating strong leaders.

The fourth step is the implementation phase- which includes the 4 Forces Diagnostic and having each team member fill it out and then review each phase with each team member to see where areas of growth and focus are for 2021.

Step 5 is always a monthly checklist to keep score of goals and develop skills.

This month’s playbook was really helpful. I used the 6 keys to help guide my 30 day check ins with all new staff. It was really helpful, and several of them commented about how they really made them reflect on certain things.

Alison PhillipsDirector


One of the Biggest Benefits of Joining our Membership is the Collaboration with Other Leaders!

One of Our Members asked for advice on getting creative with Covid-friendly Halloween celebrations

Due to Covid, school celebrations for Halloween were quite different this year. Many fellow members responded with their creative ideas. These included allowing students to wear costumes to school, having a scavenger hunt outdoors, and having a ‘trunk or treat’ and doing a drive in celebration.

Another Member Requested Input for Updating Job Descriptions

Many members responded, with various ideas. One of these was to reverse engineer the process by writing down things you don’t want in an employee and describing the opposite characteristics. The member was also directed to great resources to help with this process!

Another Member Asked for Help Finding Resources for Parents 

Wanting to ensure parents were properly prepared for Parent-Teacher Conferences, this member requested resources for parents. A fellow member came through with an extremely detailed breakdown on how to create a helpful resource for parents.

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