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Ordinary Moments: Transition from Manager to CEO with Sara Schreiner


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Are you a school leader who wants to remove yourself from the day-to-day, and truly into the visionary CEO role?

Do you want to hear the real, the raw, and the messy of what it takes to become such a school leader?

Today’s episode is the first episode in my six-part series of what it takes to build and sustain a school of excellence. I get to interview school leaders from across the nation to share the real, the raw, and the messy.

Tune in as I speak to Sara Schreiner, the owner of Sunshine Academy in Montana. Sara has a very unique upbringing from most entrepreneurs and owners that I’ve connected with in this field – she was raised by a stay-at-home mom. Over the course of our relationship and working together, she has had a slow but powerful evolution into the leader that she is today. Sara talks about how her upbringing catapulted many of the decisions that she made in her own in her career, how she continues to navigate her leadership as she shifts from being a manager to being a leader, and the phases of grief that she needed to reflect on as she stepped out of the day to day operations.

Through this series of Ordinary Moments, I hope that you will walk away with true insights into what it takes to lead an extraordinary center.

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • Some of the big, audacious goals that Sara had for her company.
  • Why Sara chose the path of becoming a school owner.
  • How Sara defines the difference between manager and CEO.
  • Lightbulb moments that started to come up for Sara when she realized that people wanted her to slow down and listen.
  • What grief looks like as one transitions from the manager of the day-to-day to being the CEO.
  • How the dreams of the company can be held hostage by your own abilities.
  • Some of the beautiful ordinary moments that Sara gets to enjoy now, both as a mom and as a business owner.

… and so much more!


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