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Tripling Income for her Most Profitable Year with Aliyah Johnson-Roberts


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If you had to be brutally honest with yourself right now, where are you focusing the majority of your attention? 

On yourself? On your family? 

Or are you primarily focusing on your center?

If that’s you, you’re definitely not alone. Many of the owners and directors I work with have been in your shoes, including Aliyah Johnson-Roberts.

Back in 2020, Aliyah found herself so focused on her center that she was obliging herself to stay at school, even when she wasn’t needed. Day after day, she found herself sitting at her desk well past 5pm instead of spending time at home.

It was not only affecting her well-being, but also her family’s.

Then, in June of that year, Aliyah decided that enough was enough. She decided to join the Owner’s Only HQ with the hope that it could help her bring more balance into her life.

With the support of fellow owners, Aliyah started to realize that her mindset was at the root of her struggle. She recognized that while she had always looked at her students and staff as her responsibility, that wasn’t true of her family. 

Once she came to that realization and learned to shift her mindset, she found the balance she was looking for. It not only improved her and her family’s well-being, but also created a healthier school culture and the center’s most profitable year ever.

In this week’s podcast episode, I invite you to examine your own mindset as I sit down with Aliyah to talk about her experience in our Schools of Excellence membership program. 

Join Aliyah and I for a conversation about:

  • The status of her center before she became a member
  • How she shifted the mindset that was keeping her anchored to her desk
  • How the community she’s found among other members has enriched her life
  • The ROI her center has experienced since joining the program
  • The goals she has for her center moving forward

Aliyah’s success story may feel unattainable, but in reality, it’s a goal that’s well within your reach. If you’re willing to do the work required to shift your mindset, you too can create the change you want to see in yourself and your center.


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

If Aliyah’s story resonates with you, I highly encourage you to apply for our Owner’s Only HQ and Director’s Inner Circle membership programs. As a member, you’ll not only experience the support of a like-minded community  of members just like Aliyah, but also gain access to tools, resources, and coaching that will help you on your journey to building a school of excellence.

As a member, you’ll also be eligible to attend our 2023 Summit of Excellence. This year’s members-only event focuses on building legacy through values-based leadership and includes a variety of special activities and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t want to miss it!

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