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Does Your School Culture Foster Health or Burnout?


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Let me know if this sounds familiar:


  • You’re emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted on a daily basis
  • You feel disconnected from your work, your team, and your staff
  • You’re doing only what needs to be done to keep your center afloat


If you identify with these statements, you’re not alone.


Exhaustion, disconnect, and reduced performance are the three core signs of burnout, and they’re running rampant in early childhood education. 


But what’s perhaps even more common than burnout itself is the denial about how to address it.


While not a medical condition, burnout is not something you can fix with pedicures, bath bombs, or weekend getaways.


Think about it—you didn’t become burned out overnight. It’s the result of ongoing, damaging behaviors like overworking yourself, failing to set boundaries, and prioritizing success over all else.


So, how can you expect to overcome it in just a couple of weeks?


The truth is that recovering from burnout takes years of intentional self-work.


It’s a long and difficult process that requires a strong commitment to yourself, your team, and your staff.


But the end result is not only a stronger leader, but a stronger center.


In this week’s podcast episode, I’m exploring the topic of burnout: what it is, why it happens, and how leaders can overcome it so they can create healthier cultures in their schools.


Join me for a conversation about:

  • The primary signs of burnout
  • The four pillars of burnout & burnout recovery
  • How leaders in particular reach the point of burnout
  • Strategies to work through burnout (HINT: They don’t include taking a vacation)


Burnout doesn’t have to be permanent. You have everything you need to start working toward recovery, and Schools of Excellence is here to support you every step of the way.


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

One of the primary reasons leaders reach a state of burnout is because they try to take on too much on their own. You can work on combating this issue by attending our on-demand Delegate to Elevate Workshop. During the 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn how to delegate effectively so you can reclaim your time and improve your quality of life.

Or, if you’re looking for long-term support in burnout recovery, join our Owner’s Only HQ and Director’s Inner Circle membership programs. As a member, you’ll gain ongoing access to tools, resources, coaching, and community that will help you become a stronger and more grounded leader for your center.

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