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Decoding Your Culture Part 2: 5 Indicators there is Drama in your Center


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Gossip is a normal part of the human experience—I mean, who doesn’t perk up their ears when they hear a juicy piece of information?

We all engage in at least some of the time because it plays an important role in our ability to connect with others. 

But… some individuals gossip significantly more than others. (I’m sure we can all name people in our lives who jump on gossip like hungry wolves devouring their next meal.)

And that craving for gossip is one of the telltale signs of drama, including within your center.

Drama is something you should be paying attention to in your school. It takes up the bandwidth of owners and directors and prevents the growth of a healthy culture.

Where there’s drama, there’s a misalignment of values. It’s only through shared values that you can build a school of excellence.

So, aside from gossip, what other signs of drama should you be looking out for?

In this week’s podcast episode, I begin to explore that question in the second part of our Decoding Your Culture series.

Join me as I talk about:

  • Drama and its impact on you as a leader
  • Why gossip is one of the single most destructive forces in human relationships
  • The compounding nature of complaining about the small things 
  • How playing the victim affects the people around you

No school is immune to drama, but learning to identify it is the first step in ensuring that it doesn’t take over the culture of your center.


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